‘create like a chef, dine like a Royal’

Delicious cannelloni homemade, use King Tony Cannelloni foodkit in your kitchen!




Thank you very much King Tony, I started living on my own not being able to cook. Preparing your Cannelloni Royal foodkit enables me to create my own meal quickly and I can add as many veggies as I like. With Cannelloni Royal I never eat alone at my student house!

19, student

After a busy day I also want to create a healthy and delicious meal quickly for me and the kids eating together. With your Cannelloni Royal foodkit I prepare, with a lot of smiles in the kitchen, a great meal. Happiness guaranteed!

42, businessman

My best friend told me about King Tony’s great Cannelloni and so I wanted to taste myself. Using my own creativity I decide the how and what about the filling of the Cannelloni Royal. Everyone’s eating at home when I inform them to prepare Your Cannelloni. Thank you so much for bringing the family together and all the happiness and attention for each other. (All 4 kids forget their mobiles at the table, do I need to say more?)

52, mother of 4 kids

King Tony, Your Cannelloni foodkit is superb and great for me. Two pouches of Royal Sauce enabling me to prepare just one meal at a time for myself. So next time I can use the other pouch and don’t have to throw away any left overs. The piping bag is the max, so easy to use. Preparing food is fun again! Thank You King Tony!

37, bon vivant

Our story

King Tony Cannelloni is a bunch of bon vivants, people who like delicious and healthy food. Who create happiness in the kitchen, love Italy and great food. People who creatively prepare their food like their nonna or mother, healthy and exactly to their tase.

King Tony’s goal is to ensure more people enjoy Cannelloni, the queen of pasta, more frequentely whilst preparation time is minimal.

To easily create Cannelloni like a chef, they invented this food kit, with easy-to-use piping bag and all ingredients to create a dish with happiness.

King Tony says:

‘create like a chef, dine like a Royal’.

with minced meat

Cannelloni with minced meat

King Tony's recipe for delicious Cannelloni with minced meat. Spice mix Royal gives full flavour to your meat and Sauce Royal accomplishes your Cannelloni dish. You can easily customise your dish adding chopped, diced, sliced vegetables to the minced meat. Why not trying mushrooms, onion, bell pepper or zucchini? Or try a different topping, chaging parmesan for mozzarella or Gouda

with vegetarian meat

Cannelloni with vegetarian meat

King Tony is very conscious of the environment and the world around us. Alternating food components resulting in a more balanced diet. Sometimes meat, sometimes fish, but hence also a special version of King Tony's Cannelloni with vegetarion minced meat. Try vegetarian minced meat instead of your favourite minced meat - you will be astonished by the taste of it! You can easily customise your dish adding chopped, diced, sliced vegetables to the minced meat. Why not trying mushrooms, onion, bell pepper or zucchini?

with salmon

Cannelloni with salmon


Of course, King Tony continues to create new recepis, and a salmon Cannelloni is on his wishlist. His Royal team is working hard creating the best taste for you. It will be introduced when King Tony is hapy and proud to say: 'create like a chef, dine like a Royal'.

with spinach and ricotta

Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta


King Tony is constantly developing new and rich tastes of Cannelloni, based on fair and tasteful products easy to prepare. Cannelloni spinach and ricotta is such a great combination. World famous in Italy and the favourite of many around the globe. It will be introduced when King Tony is hapy and proud to say: 'create like a chef, dine like a Royal'.

Do you have your own creative Cannelloni recipe and you would like to share it with King Tony and other Cannelloni lovers?

Share with us at taste@cannelloni-royal.com. You never know, we might create your recipe and all appreciation will be yours!


To show how easy it is to prepare King Tony’s Cannelloni, the preparation guide is below.

Don’t precook the cannelloni, makes filling them so much easier!

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius
  2. Open the foodkit and remove the film of the black oven dish, grease it with a little bit of butter
  3. Mix the minced meat with pepper and salt, or add the Spice Mix Royal
  4. Using a spoon, put the minced meat mixture in the piping bag
  5. Cut off the top (at about 4cm) of the piping bag
  6. Fill the Cannelloni tubes from both sides with the minced meat mixture
  7. Place the Cannelloni tubes neatly next to each other in the oven dish
  8. Pour the Sauce Royal over de Cannelloni tubes ensuring they are well covered. One pouch per 4 Cannelloni tubes.
  9. Sprinkle the cheese over the Sauce Royal
  10. Place the oven dish in the oven for 30 minutes.


Serving suggestions:

You can completely customise your own Cannelloni to your Royal taste. For example, add chopped or diced mushrooms, zucchini, bell pepper, garlic or onion. Make it as healthy as you like.

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